Previous events on e-voting
E2E Voting Systems Workshop 2009 (mirror)- End-to-end Voting Systems Workshop, Washington, DC

VoteID 2009 ()- international conference on E-voting and Identity, Luxembourg

EVT/WOTE 2009 (mirror)- Electronic Voting Technology Workshop / Workshop on Trustworthy Elections (EVT/WOTE '09), Montreal, Canada

WOTE 2008 (mirror)- IAVoSS Workshop On Trustworthy Elections, Leuven, Belgium

FEV 2007 (mirror)- Frontiers of Electronic Voting, Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany

WOTE 2007 (mirror)- Workshop on Trustworthy Elections, Univeristy of Ottawa, Canada

FEE 2006 -Frontiers in Electronic Elections, Hamburg, Germany, 2006

WOTE 2006 - Workshop on Trustworthy Elections, Cambridge, UK, 2006

http://www.nesc.ac.uk/esi/events/639/ (mirror)- Workshop on Electronic Government and Electronic Voting, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2006

FEE 2005 - (mirror) Frontiers in Electronic Elections, Milano, Italy, 2005

DIMACS/WOTE II (mirror)- DIMACS Workshop on Electronic Voting - Theory and Practice

WOTE I (mirror) - Workshop on Trustworthy Elections (2001)

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