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WOTE '01
Workshop on Trustworthy Elections

August 26 - 29, 2001
Marconi Conference Center
Tomales Bay, California

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WOTE '01 is a small research-oriented workshop devoted to advancing technologies for election integrity and ballot secrecy. The organizers for this workshop are David Chaum and Ronald L. Rivest.

The following areas illustrate the topics considered suitable for presentation and/or discussion at this workshop:

  • Cryptographic voting protocols, including:
    • Mix nets
    • Blind signatures
    • Homomorphic encryption
    • Receipt-freeness schemes

  • Integrity and secrecy of remote-voting and vote-by-mail

  • Integrity of voter registration and authentication

  • Universal verifiability of election integrity and ballot secrecy

  • Redundant recording of ballots and tally data

  • Security-relevant procedures for election officials

  • Document security techniques relevant for elections

  • Tamper-indicating and tamper-responding voting equipment

  • Software-based election systems and open-source

  • Computer security of voting platforms and vote tabulation

  • Audit trails, including electronic versus paper

  • Criteria and requirements for election systems

  • Evaluation and certification of voting systems

  • Security designs of existing or forthcoming voting systems

Other issues such as cost, ease-of-use, reliability, etc. are not suitable. (Of course they're important; they're just not the focus of this workshop.)

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WOTE '01 is sponsored by the
Caltech-MIT/Voting Technology Project
through a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York
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